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07 July 2024 (20:20)

The Architect is doing a superb job at fixing things around the map.
Keep using 'Report Coordinate' whenever you encounter something out of the normal on the map!

Fixed Bloom ('exutura sio')
Now works alongside other healing conditions, such as Recovery('utura')

Increased Fiendish and Influenced monster rate
This should result in easier Dust farming

Bulwark of the Blessed One
Now has 3 imbuement slots and can be imbued with Mana Leech

Added more monsters to the !task list
Soul War
Increased the spawn chance of Plunder Patriarch on lower Hazard levels

Auto Bank
Looted currency should now automatically end up in your bank rather than the bag

Last Lore Keeper
Cooldown is now 1 day instead of 14 days

Fixed(?) Game Store (This is effective after Monday 6am)
Probably, fixed a bug with the game store
Should, now receive what you've purchased, for the right currency.

Fixed a typo in the message when you refill Turtle Amulet

Categorized the Task System ('!task')
A complete list of what each category includes can be found under Library>Tasks
You can now use '!taskcomplete' to finish a task mid combat
02 July 2024 (22:09)

Bulwark of the Blessed One
Increases HP by 20%
Reflects Damage by +125
10% Dodge Chance

Increased the damage and scaling of Spinning Star

Increased the healing of Salvation('exura gran san')

Corrected the damage output of Sanguine creatures

Fixed a duplicate description on Spellbook of Ancient Arcana

Chain Spells now correcly re-calculates the damage after every hit

Added clickable text interactions to a lot of NPCs
23 June 2024 (21:59)

I'd like to welcome The Architect to the team!
He will be mapping and helping me keep tabs.

Increased the health of all Asuras

Reduced the EXP you get from turning in Asura tasks

Increased the EXP you get from turning in Vexclaw, Grimeleech, Summer&Winter Court and Secret Library tasks

Changes, fixes, and improvements to the map

Changed all Great Sorcerer beam spells to always hit 8 targets/bounce

Fixed a game-breaking bug with !pos

Various backend, not really noticeable for players have been corrected.

Reduced the price of Transferable Tibia Coins in NPC Consuming Entity

Introducing a teaser for the New World, there is a teleport on the Thais temple roof.
Careful if you decide to venture and wander around, though, it's incomplete and there is a risk of getting trapped.
In the event of getting trapped let xyn know in Discord so you can be rescued!
16 June 2024 (20:02)

Ultimate Healing ('exura vita')
Healing is increased

Monsters buffed 0.1pt

Bosses buffed 0.1pt

Stamina bugs resolved and regeneration rate increased
Regenerates faster on Excercise Dummies

Concoctions such as Stamina extension, Wealth Duplex and others are now reusable after 1 hour

Increased Soul regeneration

Stashmaster has been added to '!shop bp'
You see a Stashmaster (Vol:100).
All your goods fits in the Stashmaster.
It weighs 15.00 oz.

Lasting Exercise Weapons can now be bought at NPC Sketchy Dude
I thought I added this many moons ago, sorry for the delay lol

Fixed an ID mixup with the red, blue and green Plasma items

Added items to sell to NPC Al'Yasir
Havoc Blade
Spellbook of Dark Mysteries
Spellcroll of Prophecies

Fixed a Store bug.
Store now correctly knows the difference between Tibia Coins and Transferable Tibia Coins

Increased allowed time inside boss rooms to 30 minutes from 20.

Magma Bubble
Reduced HP of End of Days, Magma Crystal and Lava Creatures

Reduced movement speed of End of Days

Fixed various map bugs

Fixed Depth Galea
It should now properly count as a 'Helmet of the Deep'
07 June 2024 (14:17)

Changelogs are posted on Discord in real-time
I've decided to start uploading the changelogs on a weekly basis to the website, Sunday is the day to remember, while still uploading and editing daily on Discord.

Refill on Use;
Alicorn Ring (90k)
Arboreal Ring (90k)
Arcanomancer Sigil (90k)
Blister Ring (40k)
Firewalker Boots (20k)
Pendulet (40k)
Ring of Souls (40k) now also increases max HP by 10%
Sleep Shawl (40k)
Soft Boots (20k)
Spiritthorn Ring (90k)
Theurgic Amulet (40k) now also increases max HP by 10%
Turtle Amulet (40k)

Reduced skill scaling and attack scaling of Front Sweep (exori min)

Reduced skill scaling and attack scaling of Groundshaker (exori mas)

Improved the new summons.
utevo res "Zombear", "Spookwolf" and "Risen Mage"

Increased the amount of creatures in various places of the map:
Demon Outcast
Dark Torturer
Betrayed Wraith
Lost Soul
Priestess of the Wild Sun
Burning Gladiator
Black Sphinx Acolyte
Retching Horror
Choking Fear
Terror Sleep
Feral Sphinx
Young Goanna
Adult Goanna
Ogre Ruffian
Ogre Rowdy
Ogre Sage
Venerable Girtablilu
Girtablilu Warrior
Shaburak Demon
Askarak Demon
Crypt Warden
Secret Library book creatures
Warzone 7, 8, 9 creatures
Deeper Banuta creaturesFerumbras' seal
etc... probably overlooked some creatures...

Fixed a bug with Groundshaker (exori mas).

Added items to NPC Consuming Entity:
Bag you Desire
Primal Bag
Dream Matter
Exalted Core
Prismatic Ring
Transferable Tibia Coins

Adjusted the hitbox of Spinning Star

Reverted new loot table. It will be coming back with the Blood Quest!

Fixed a bug with Ascendant Ferumbras - live Sunday
Ascendant Ferumbras still technically has all the mechanics, but you could just kill him right away

Discovered that Ferumbras Hat is not needed for the addon when bought through NPC Benjamin.
While this is a status thing I've decided to leave it, and instead turn Ferumbras Hat into an item for mages.
Fixed Benjamin seemed to mix up female and male addons.
Male mage hat addon now requires the same items as the Female summoner hat addon.
No Ferumbras' hat.

Ferumbras' Hat
You see Ferumbras' Hat (Arm:6, magic level +3).
(Increases HP by 10%.)
It's proof that Ferumbras has fallen.
It can only be wielded properly by sorcerers and druids of level 300 or higher.
Imbuements: (3)
It weighs 6.66 oz.

Fixed a typo with Mutated Skin Armor, it can now imbue Fire Protection instead of more Earth Protection

Added Falcon container to NPC Platinum Blondie.
She accepts Falcon Tokens as currency, you can get those by selling Falcon items to her.

Increased Falcon drops from Grand Master Oberon.
Added missing Demon War teleport to Edron Hero cave

Improved some Mage items such as spellbooks and helmets to include;
Life Leech imbuement option
10% increased HP

Added more boss waypoints

Additions made to items with stacksize 250

Ignite('utori flam') has been reworked.

Druids get some love
Terra Burst & Ice Burst have gotten their cooldowns significantly reduced on all ranks and damage is increased

Bloom healing is increased.
Now lasts for 16 seconds

Ultimate Ice Strike has been reworked.

Oramond Voting It's now fixed at Catacombs every day of the week.

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